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Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property is property that has been submitted to a State Controller's Office by banks, insurance companies, and corporations when there has been no activity for a period of time (generally three years).

This includes bank accounts, stocks, bonds, uncashed checks, insurance benefits, wages, and safe deposit box contents.

The Beane Counter, Inc. will help recover unclaimed property on your behalf.

Why should I use The Beane Counter?

The Beane Counter has experience and expertise in collecting money held by the State of California. We are able to help you identify the documents required by the State of California to release the funds to your organization.

Entering into an Agency agreement with The Beane Counter, Inc. allows your internal resources to focus on more valuable work and their core responsibilities, and may help you recover the funds faster than if you handled the claim yourself.

How much does it cost?

The Beane Counter does not charge any upfront costs or fees. We will be paid a maximum of 10% of funds claimed from the State of California, as agreed upon in an executed Agency Agreement between your Department and The Beane Counter, Inc.

The State of California will pay The Beane Counter, Inc. directly. This avoids the need for you to establish a new vendor in your vendor master file or pay invoices to The Beane Counter, Inc. Should the State of California deny your claim upon Appeal, you will not incur any fees for services performed by The Beane Counter, Inc.

How it works

Elise Beane, CPA
  1. Contact Us
  2. Sign an Agency Form
  3. Claim your identified funds
  4. Cash your check

Elise Beane, President of The Beane Counter, Inc., will personally handle your claims. Ms. Beane is a Certified Public Accountant and a commissioned Notary in the State of California. Ms. Beane has been helping companies and individuals with Unclaimed Property Collection efforts for the past ten years. Elise Beane is registered as an Investigator with the California State Controller's Office.

Check out the Investigator FAQ on the State Controller's Office website for more information about working with Investigators to recover Unclaimed Property.

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